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Topical Subjects

This section covers short topical subjects:


  • UK Winter set ups: which set of pressure patterns drives which weather in the winter in the UK?

  • Snow facts: how snow forms, what drives flakes shapes, how heavy is snow?

  • Recipe for Snow: What are the atmospheric conditions that lead to the white stuff?

  • Why is Dew Point Temperature so important in Meteorology?

  • Cold March 2013: what were the factors that made March 2013 the coldest in 50 years?

  • North Sea snow showers: what are the atmospheric variables that are more favourable to heavy snow showers off the North Sea?

  • UK major snow events: what leads to countrywide snow blanketting?

  • Storm Intensification: what upper level support is needed to help develop surface storms?

  • Slow moving Pattern: why would a pattern be stuck for a while?

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