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Grampian Weather Services

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For a forecast request, enter:

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- Your email address,

- The location, date and time of required forecast,

- Date and time by which the forecast needs issued.


Ex: Paddle boat,  Loch Lomond, Sunday 15th June 3pm-6pm, need forecast before Friday 2pm.


GWS will be in touch as soon as possible to clarify details.

3 day Forecast (Issued Sat 28/11/15, 09:30)

Saturday 28/11/15:

Occasional wintry showers mainly over high ground in the W, with rain at lower levels.

Brighter intervals northern Aberdeenshire.

Fresh southwesterly winds.

Maximum temperature: 6 degrees, feeling chilly.


Some showers this evening turning to snow on higher ground again, becoming isolated tonight.

Longer clear spells in the east.

Minimum temperature: 0 degrees.


Sunday 29/11/15:

Cloudy with rain, sleet and snow spreading from the southwest.

Moderate snowfalls possible inland, though mostly rain towards the east coast.

Clearing to scattered wintry showers later, with strengthening winds.

Maximum temperature: 5 degrees, feeling chilly.


Monday 30/11/15 to Wednesday 02/12/2015:

Rain and snow on Monday, drier later with a few wintry showers.

Rain spreading north on Tuesday, preceded by hill snow, very mild, thaw.

Rain Wednesday then wintry showers. Windy.

Request sent successfully!

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