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I'm an engineer working in the Oil Industy up in Aberdeen. I am also a qualified commercial pilot.


This is where I got my passion for meteorology. I then became almost obsessed with the weather.


But I decided not to moan about it because I feel that any weather is a chance to try and understand what's going on, how it happened and when it is going to change.


I enjoy the following:

  • Studying the physics behind the weather (the hows).

  • Producing short range forecasts (see below).

  • Looking at longer range weather (effects of teleconnections, links to the stratosphere, etc).

  • Monitoring severe weather (heavy rain, severe gales, snow storms, thunderstorms, etc).


When it comes to short range forecasts, I'm involved in the following activities:

  • I have founded a Weather Club where I produce daily and week ends forecasts for the Grampian Region. I also explain the physics behind the weather. The Club was founded in November 2012 and now counts over 120 members.

  • On Facebook, I've founded and where I provide weather forecasts for the Grampian region and the Var (SE France).


Stéphane (@FrenchScotPilot)

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